West Pittston Borough Shade Tree Commission

How to Care for a Tree:

  • Water is critical. Deep water regularly throughout the first growing season. Allow water to run slowly, soaking the soil, once or twice a week. Do not over water.
  • Keep lawn mowers and string trimmers away from tree to avoid wounding trunk
  • Reduce herbicide use near tree and surrounding lawn
  • Never fertilize stressed trees.
  • Inspect tree annually to head off problems early.
  • Replace mulch as needed. Keep grass and weeds out of mulched area. They compete for the same water and elements as tree.
  • Remove stakes and strapping after one year
  • Prune dead or injured branches.
  • Prune while young to maintain size and shape beginning in the second growing season.
  • DO NOT TOP trees to reduce height.
  • Call an insured tree care professional for advice on large pruningjobs, hazard trees,and insect or disease problems.
  • Do not plant flowers under a tree. Do not cultivate soil under tree.
  • Continue deep watering for 5 years after planting

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